The Spa Living Retreat Costa Rica offers an opportunity to experience a wellness lifestyle in the tranquility and purity of the tropical rainforest. 

     Journey with us to the breathtaking Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for a week of rejuvenation.

Our team of wellness experts have thoughtfully created a comprehensive program dedicated to your personal health and enjoyment. 

 A variety of activities include yoga, excursions, spa treatments, aromatherapy workshops, healthy cooking classes, nutrition counseling and more.  

Deluxe villa accomodations with infinity pool, ocean view, close to beach, private rooms, en-suite bathroom
Costa Rica beaches, rainforest, tours, sightseeing,

About the Retreat

Have you been thinking about how to attend to your physical fitness, improve your diet, attain a more serene and uplifted state of mind and perhaps even address those pesky under-eye circles that seem to be getting more noticeable lately?

Our team of spa professionals has designed a retreat program that is dedicated to indulging in all the aspects of living the healthful lifestyle every day, all day.  We will learn much together while bringing out the very best in you and showing you how to look and feel better than you even knew you could.

We've chosen our location to include hi-lights of Costa Rica’s lush natural landscape; a tranquil oasis with the promise of adventure and opportunities for cultural exchange as well.

Spa treatments, massage, facial, aromatherapy, natural, organic, herbal skin care

  Mary Dellene

Tel: (949) 400-9046

mar  ydellene@hotmail.comCa  C

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